Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to look at my work.​​​

​I won’t bore you with how I came about shooting weddings, nor will I tell you about how photography is my passion and film processing chemicals flow through my veins… frankly if you haven’t figured out that I love what I do by now you must have ended up on this page by accident :)

​So I was saying… I truly enjoy what I do and I’m humbled by the thought of having so many fantastic people hire me to capture their special day and help them remember this awesome moment in  their lives.

 I don’t tell my life story. I don’t have deep links on my site with forms to download or client handbooks to read through. Brides are busy.   I purposefully have a very simple, clean website. I don’t over explain anything and I allow my images to do the talking.


 I believe, and I will always believe, that there is so much more to wedding photography than just nice equipment. However, that is not to say your wedding photographer shouldn’t have nice equipment. Here is my list of equipment.

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