It was the first time I covered a traditional Nepali wedding. The bride and groom looked absolutely stunning. The groom wore a traditional Daura Suruwal and traditional topi hat made from Nepali dhaka fabric. This outfit differentiates the Nepali groom from an Indian groom whose clothing style has a completely different fabric, cut and color combination.  The bride wore a heavy red saree that is made up of mix of red and golden thread. It is almost like banarasi saree from India but much heavier. The blouse is newari style which is very different from Indian blouse. Once she removed her red sequined veil at the reception, we could appreciate her beautiful wedding hair style complete with traditional red and gold hair decoration.
The ceremony was really long and complex, so I didn't understand the symbolic significance of half the things that were going on. The hour and a half long ceremony was filled with many rituals, but my favorite part is when the bride and groom start to exchange all the wedding goodiespote, rings, garlands  and of course the important moment when the groom applies the bridal sindoor and the couple becomes officially married.
This day was my introduction to the Nepali traditions! One of the cool things about groom's family is that they treat me like family, not only treating me really well, but educating me about wedding rituals.
The photos turned out well, colorful and sharp. I was quite proud of myself.   Being a witness for my first Nepali wedding left me thinking that it is funny to think that something that is normal for you is exotic for someone else.